Three hundred days to go

It is day 38 of Ironman training. According to my countdown app, there are 300 days to go. That seems like a lot of time. Then I reflect on the fact that 38 days have passed since I entered it. As clichéd as it is, time time and tide wait for no Ironman.

The aim of the first 40 days has been to gently recover from a swollen and painful left Achilles and to gradually get to grips with some swimming and cycling again. In this respect, this mini block of training has been successful.  I have completed 11 miles of swimming, about 400 miles of cycling, and around 50 of running. Not an enormous amount, but enough to be able to meet the aim that I had for the first 40 or so days.

Strava tells me that this week I’ve totalled 6 hours 46 minutes of training:

Swim: 2,187 yards

Bike: 59 miles

Run: 16 miles

The target for this week is to simply increase the volume:

Swim: 4000 yards

Bike: 100 miles

Run: 22 miles

Most of this will be easy Z2 stuff. The exceptions will be Wednesday’s track session and one of the bike sessions where I’ll aim to push on towards that all important 20MPH average. 

There is nothing particularly glamorous or exciting about these early foundational stages. Now is not the time to push limits, it’s the time to build rock solid foundations.