Choose towards

The things we run away from and the things we run towards, are choices.

It took me a long time to understand that we are the sum of our choices. That’s not to say that things don’t happen to us that are outside of our control. Clearly they do. In fact, a useful exercise for me has been to come to terms with just how little of the external world we can, do, and should control.

However, we are in control of the thoughts that we move towards and the thoughts that we can let go of. This is always within our grasp. It’s not easy to accept this and it’s not easy to live in accordance with this idea. But that doesn’t change the fact that it remains true: we can choose to move towards different thoughts, ideas, beliefs about ourselves.

Keep turning up

If you want to get better, keep turning up.

When I first started running again I really struggled. I was very unfit. I’d been living in a way that was certainly not conducive to any form of athletic performance. I didn’t know how I would get any better and I didn’t have a plan beyond continuing to turn up.

The magic happens when we start showing up in our own lives.

Another short jog

Every time I’ve been injured I’ve messed up my recovery by doing too much too quickly. While I’m on holiday it’s been good to jog about and film some scenery while taking it very easy.